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Sonic Epoch

Welcome to the only official website for Sonic Epoch, an old Sonic fangame that was made during a time when Sonic on the Internet was at the peak of its popularity and the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (popularly known as SatAM) was still relatively recently cancelled on a cliffhangar. The layout from this website has a dated look and is in fact deliberately taken from an old version of Fans United for SatAM for the sake of being retro and respecting the timeframe of Epoch's origin which is now over 10 years ago.

Sonic Epoch features SatAM Sonic in a time travel adventure as he is blasted 10 years into the future; a dark future where Dr. Robotnik has essentially won, and the very few remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters are barely clinging to life. Sonic arrives to reinvigorate the world and perhaps still be able to fight back the evil Doctor and hopefully somehow get back to his own time.

Epoch existed in two editions on two platforms; originally for DOS (later Windows) and Gameboy Advance (not as an official product of course!) The DOS/Windows one was "cancelled" after having a good deal of it completed. The GBA version was a revival which attempted to reuse as much as it could from its previous incarnation and finish the job. While the GBA version is "finished", it was a rush job, more for the sake of filling the gap of the previous version's incomplete status, and did not completely honor all aspects of the original story.

Finally, from the original FUS version of this page:

Every once in a long while, the Sonic Fan Game Community finds a fan game that unites them all, that they can all support and love, and unify their diverse elements... and makes better people out of everyone it touches...
...This isn't that game. On April 12, 2000, a game was released that would shock some, amaze others and, yet, piss off quite a few and it all began with this update at SFGHQ:

From the last update, i meantined a big program which I got. well, ITS BLOODY FANTASTIC!
Its soooo much like a interactive movie! Its called Sonic Epoch (? Never heard that word before)It looks so much like a SatAM Cartoon, having backgrounds and characters from it. It even has a whole lot of Sound bytes! and it's in DOS for better movement. You'd better download this monster in the demos section. Oh and when the next update occurs, Could you upload it to Some webspace instead? (I have some webspace at I could lend for the upload)

And from that update came the Sonic Fan game Formally known as Sonic Epoch. This game has been though so much turmoil, changes and cancellations, but the fact that it was one of the best Sonic fan games, if not THE best, always remained.