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Cover of the Centralia 125 Special Anniversary Edition booklet

This booklet was published by Mayor Anne Marie Devine, just before the call of call of eminent domain. Includes a page of residents (which can fit on a single page) and includes some famous names, a two page poem about everything, an in-depth history, and more. The book is an interesting artifact of life just after the relocation had decimated the town but before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to seize all remaining properties. Centralia showed spirit in its lingering demise, as is very visible by this book. On the page listing the remaining residents, part of the text above it reads "The following individuals have truly earned the right to be called Centralians, since they are, without a doubt, Centralia residents by choice" -- this clearly shows the attitude of the "stayers" was one of pride.

Members of Centralia’s council are (front, from left) Marie Parkansky, Molly Darrah, Anne Marie Devine, (back, from left) Barbara Kenenitz, Mary Lou Gaughan, Marguerite Chapman and Helen Tanis

The book begins with an introduction by "The Magnificent Seven", the current Centralia council, made entirely of women, with the Mayor being Anne Marie Devine. A Reverend Anthony J McGinley writes "Centralia: A Modern Odyssey", a page long poem speaking of the town's history in a concise matter, making note of how the mine fire has not yet destroyed them: "Relocation reduced the leaven, but gave rise to "The Magnificent Seven" (the council) The Centralia Borough is alive and well, thus we had this tale to tell. As we inhale sulfur's fumes, the flagrant flaming fire looms... we go to David in his hymn of praise, to seek God's peach our spirits raise."

This is followed by an in-depth look at the history of Centralia. The text even provides for dates when particular things were destroyed, e.g. "The Post building was sold to the Redevelopment Authority and demolished in 1989." This is followed by a list and description of Centralia area collieries, and other related topics like bootleg mining, the Coal Company Store, etc. Finally, the book ends with a lengthy list of "Honorary Citizens of Centralia", many of which are likely relocated former citizens, an example being "John Coddington", who was apparently living in Ashland at the time of this writing, and various sentiments from residents.

Full Scan of Centralia 125

Residents of Centralia, as of Centralia 125

Once in a while special people come into our lives. It must be the Luck of the Irish to be blessed with an entire community of "Special People". Thank you for your help and your vote of confidence, but even more than words can say, I thank you for being my friends. May God truly bless each and every one of you and those you hold dear. The following individuals have truly earned the right to be called Centralians, since they are, without a doubt, Centralia residents by choice.

Josephine Bergan
Winnie Blaser
Marguerite Chapman
Edward Chapman
Mike Comarnitsky
Kitty Comarnitsky
Edward Comarnitsky
John Comarnitsky
Bernie Darrah
llelen Darrah
Molly Darrah
Bob Devine
Anne Marie Devine
Bobby Devine
Brian Devine
Sam Devine
Clara Devine
Mary Catherine Devine
Gert Fesko
Joe Fesko
Joe Gaughan
Mary Lou Gaughan
Tony Gaughan
Debbie Gaughan
Elizabeth Gaughan
Casey Gaughan
Anna Hutniek
Joe Hutnick
Maude Howey
Steve Hynoski
Bonnie Hynoski
Jamie Hynoski
Ben Hynoski
Tom Hynoski
Marianna Hynoski
Meghan Hynoski
Helen Jurgill
Pete Kenenitz
Barbara Kenenitz
Dave Lamb
Pat Lamb
George Lokitis
Anna Loverich
Mary McPeak
Deanna McPeak
Lamar Mervine
Lana Mervine
Margaret Moyer
Betty Noble
Bill O’Connor
Bob O’Connor
Marie Parkansky
Stephanie Peek
Zackery Peek
Mike Shemonski
Helen Tanis
Eugene Valencik
Jewel Valencik
Angela Vincenzes
Julia Wagner
Carl Womer
Helen Womer
Kathy Womer
Sarah Yeager

Centralia Township Residents
Gertrude Brennan
Mary Dillard
Helen Hynoski
Chrissy Hynoski
Edward Krupinski
John Krupinski
Stanley Krupinski
John Lokitis
Arleen Lokitis
John Lokitis Jr
John Loverich
Tom Maloney
Helen Smolock
Joe Smolock
Cindy Smolock
Ed Stutscavage
Ella Tilmont

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