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Welcome to CentraliAlmanac. This Wiki is an attempt to coalesce all known information and media related to Centralia, Pennsylvania and its infamous mine fire into one central source, a task somewhat befitting the town's original goal as a "center of" commerce. Please register an account and contribute any fixes or additional articles as you see fit.

This is still a work in progress, and eventually we should come up with a better front page, but for now, a few links to get started:

  • Centralia Timeline: An overview from the town's formation to present day.
  • Centralia Mine Fire: An in-depth article describing events from the initial fire to the citizens being relocated
  • GeoGallery Map: Array of photos placed geographically. Could be useful in placing historic photos of key landmarks.
  • Centralia Artifacts: Some artifacts collected from Centralia that can tell something about life there
  • Centralia 125 Special Anniversary Edition: An amazing book published by then-Mayor Anne Marie Devine in 1991, prior to eminent domain, showcasing the town's remaining spirit and identity post-Relocation
  • Made in USA: A movie that incidentally and dramatically captured images of Centralia at its point of transition
  • Centralia Police, Fire and Ambulance: Information on these emergency services and their history.

"It was a full town of countless stores, gas stations; we had our own bank, a Post Office, anything that any other town would have."

"It was a habit of everyone in the summertime to sit out on their front porches and they'd all say 'Hello' to me. I never worried about my safety, I never worried about not being able to get help."

"It was a safe place to go. A lot of times we didn't lock our doors. And life was sweet. Picnics in the summertime, out on what we called the picnic grounds. They had the block parties up by the school and church."

"That fire should have been put out two weeks after it started; it could have been done for $1,000 or so."

Based on resopnse by 390merc65:

This film starts on PA-61 outside of Pottsville.

0:29 You see the rail yard in St Clair

0:37 Frackville

0:39 The 2-Miler

0:49 Ashland

0:53 At the top of Ashland were you turn right to go to Centralia; this road still looks the same. That Texaco station is still there to this day but, is a private garage now

1:08 is the small town of Byrnesville just outside of centralia... town is gone but the road is still open. The only to get to Centralia from Ashland is drive on the secondary road through Byrnesville

2:05 to 2:16 is the road just outside of Centralia going north to Aristes which is maybe 1 mile north of Centralia; this road is still in use.

2:12 That big barn looking building is an old coal breaker which is no longer there, and this area is all grown in now where the breaker once was.

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