Sponge Bros. Hack

by an anonymous Vinesauce fan

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I used Lunar IPS to create these patches. Applying an IPS patch to a ROM ("hard patching") is not difficult, and some emulators even support them directly ("soft patching"). If you need help, see Romhacking.net's FAQ, and Google is also your friend, as usual!


Sponge Bros. is a hack of the original Super Mario Bros., changing the titular Mario and Luigi into bootleg brothers Sponge and Pretzel, less-lucky counterparts to the better-known Brothers. Sponge must traverse a world of "sadness and death" in his own quest to save his princess.

This hack features a graphical overhaul to support the Sponge canon and some level modification to up the difficulty over the original Super Mario Bros. The creator of this hack has chosen to remain anonymous, and the only reason this wasn't released sooner was due to a misunderstanding. This is a screenshot of the email I was sent with redactions for privacy:

"But who is Sponge??"

The Sponge character was developed by the Vinesauce community, mainly through Vinesauce's Vinny's streams of Tomodachi Life (click here for condensed version playlist).

For a quick introduction to Sponge, watch the video below: